Early Education Centre Terms and condition

Early Education Centre is committed to providing a safe environment for all children attending the nursery. Early education Centre maintains detailed policies and procedures governing the running of the nursery. Full copies of our policies and procedures are available for the parents.


To register with the nursery, every child must have an up to date registration form, completed and signed by their parent / guardian. On this form all relevant information on medical conditions, allergies etc. must be provided, along with at least one emergency contact details. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Nursery Closure and How Fees are calculated

The nursery is open 51 weeks per calendar year. We will be closed for the last 5 working days of the Christmas/New Year period and all UK bank holidays. We are also closed for the first day of the academic year for staff training.

Parents are not charged for the days we are closed except for bank holidays. We charge parents for 51 weeks per year then spread the total annual fee over 12 months so that your monthly fees are the same throughout the calendar year.

Should there be a national or local emergency that forces the nursery to close as per government, local authority or public health guidance, we would require parents to pay 50% of their usual monthly fees for up to 2 months. Should such closure be for a period of more than 2 months, parents will not be required to pay any fees beyond the first 2 months of closure however their child’s place at the nursery will remain on hold. That means children can return to the same days of attendance as soon the nursery reopens.

Opening Times and Late Collection

Each child must be brought to and collected from the nursery by the parent/guardian. Named, nominated adults on the registration form will be required to show valid I.D or know the password provided to staff by the parent/guardian to collect children.

The opening times of the nursery are 7:45 am to 6:00 pm. Our morning sessions are from 7:45am to 12:45pm, afternoon sessions are from 1pm to 6pm. Children attending Morning sessions or full day must arrive by 9:30am. If a child arrives after 9:30am they will be asked to return for their next planned session/day. This is to minimize disruption to our routine and stop children being unsettled with intermittent arrival of other children and parents. In exceptional circumstances, we will allow children to arrive after 9:30am but the parents must inform us in advance of the reason for the delay.

We ask parents to collect children at 12:30pm earliest if their child attends our morning session. Children attending afternoon session or full day should be collected at 5:30pm earliest. Should you plan to collect your child earlier on a regular basis, please let us know in advance so we can bring your child to the entrance to avoid disrupting children’s play or reminding younger children of their parents which makes them upset.

In case of late collection, a late collection fee of £1 per minute will apply.

If a child is absent due to illness or other reasons, parents must contact us on the day of the absence and inform us of the reason for absence.

The nursery will record and analyse all unexplained absences as part of our safeguarding procedure.

Breakfast, Lunch and Tea

We will provide breakfast and Lunch to children attending the morning session. Children attending the afternoon session will be served Snacks and Tea. Children attending full days will be served all four. The cost of breakfast, lunch and tea is included in your child’s fees.

Termination, cancellation and change of sessions

4 weeks notice is required by either party for termination of this agreement. Should a parent withdraw their child’s place without the required two weeks notice period, their deposit will not be refunded.

If parents of children who are eligible for the Free Early Education Entitlement choose to leave without the required 4 weeks notice period, we will claim funding for their child/ren for the two weeks notice period by virtue of this agreement. If parents choose to take up a place at another FEEE provider without giving us 4 weeks notice, should the other provider claim FEEE funding for the child within these 4 week period, the parent will be liable to reimburse London Borough of Waltham Forest any over-accessed funding.

The minimum period of notice for any permanent change of sessions is one month. If parents of children accessing the Free Early Education Entitlement change the notified start date, we reserve the right to claim funding from the original start date notified on this form.

Fees for your child’s usual days of attendance will be charged for any days missed through sickness, absence or holidays. If parents plan long holidays, the nursery can be given two weeks notice prior to the holiday period so parents will not be charged for this period however upon return the nursery will not be able to guarantee a place or the same days and times as before.

The nursery reserves the right to terminate a child’s place with immediate effect in case of nonpayment of fees, or if a parent, carer or child displays abusive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate behaviour, or for any other reasonable cause. Intimidation or abuse of our staff will not be tolerated and may result in immediate termination. In all other cases the standard notice period of 4 weeks will apply.


In the event of a complaint, parents are asked initially to speak to the nursery manager, who will deal with your complaint or will advise you as to how you can take it forward in line with the current complaints procedures. Our complaints policy which outlines the various stages and time scales associated with each stage of complain,is available from the nursery should you require.

Personal property and belongings

The nursery cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any parent’s, carer’s or child’s property or belongings. Every reasonable effort will be made by the nursery staff to ensure that property or belongings of any parent, carer or child is not damaged. Please ensure your child’s clothing is clearly labelled and we suggest that all toys, books and equipment are left at home.


The nursery accepts no liability for any losses suffered by parents arising directly or indirectly, as a result of the nursery being temporarily closed or the non-admittance of your child to the nursery for any reason. We accept no responsibility for children whilst in their parent’s care on nursery premises. We will not be liable to parents and/or children for any economic loss of any kind, for damage to the child’s or parent’s property, for any loss resulting from a claim made by any third party or for any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind.


The nursery has adequate insurance cover for education based activities and outings. The Certificate is displayed in the nursery.

Accidents and illness

The nursery reserves the right to administer first aid and any emergency treatment as required. Parents/guardians will be informed of all accidents and will be asked to sign an Accident record form. If emergency treatment at hospital is required the nursery will make all reasonable attempts to contact the parents but if this is not possible we will act on behalf of the parents and authorise any necessary emergency treatment in the best interest of the child wellbeing.

We will administer prescribed medicines only if parents have completed a consent form.

We may require parents to withdraw their child from nursery in the event that they require special medical care or attention, which is not available or refused by the parent, or it is considered that the child is not well enough to attend nursery. We may also ask parents to withdraw their child from the nursery if we have reasonable cause to believe that the child is suffering from or has suffered from any communicable disease or infection and there remains a danger that other children may contract such a disease or infection. Please refer to our Health andSafety Policy regarding exclusion periods by which we are bound. Parents must informthe nursery if the child is suffering from any illness, sickness or allergies before attending the nursery. The nursery is mindful of the needs of working parents and will endeavour to provide as much continuity of service as possible within the recommendations of the Health Protection Agency by which the nursery is bound.

In cases of vomiting and diarrhoea it is The Early Education Centre policy to implement a 48 hours exclusion period from when the last incident occurred.This is to ensure the sickness is not caused by a bug, which could be spread to other children and staff, and to ensure your child is well enough to enjoy his/her day at the nursery.Conjunctivitis, ringworms and head lice must be treated before your child can return to the nursery.


These Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement and understanding between the parents (including other carers) and the nursery. Any other understandings, agreements, warranties, conditions, terms and representations, whether verbal or written, expressed or implied are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. We reserve the right to update / amend these Terms and Conditions at anytime; by giving four weeks notice before any changes are implemented. The nursery is operated by Mahf Ambia T/A Early Education Centre.