Our Pledge

Our Children

All human beings have the same innate urge to develop to their full potential, when they are in a safe environment surrounded by adults who support them. We aim to make every child joining our nursery feel safe, cared for and heard. We use the Early Years Foundation Stage to guide and stimulate children’s growth toward becoming curious, independent, healthy adults.

Our Parents

We Understand the challenges parents face in juggling their wish to offer the best care to the most precious little person in their lives, while having to manage work and other commitments. So we focus on clear and relevant communication with parents – keeping them well informed of their children’s daily wellbeing and development at the nursery.

Our Community

We realise how every decision we make has an impact on our planet. That’s why we use minimal amount of resources and equipment made of plastic. We buy resources made of sustainable wood from Community Playthings, and teach children to look after them. We cook our own food sourced through Brakes and distribute the food to our other nurseries using an electric van. Our staff talk to children about recycling and cleaner transport. Our long term goal is to move to paperless communication with parents and staff, and support our community to choose sustainable alternatives in every aspect of our daily lives.

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